Reloading Tee

Reloading Tee

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The Constantine Concealed Carry (CCC) Belt stretches with your body and eliminates any hot spots on your hips or lower back. There is no need to adjust the belt once it's on. The stretch will do all the work for you.


  • Form-fitting to your body 
  • No belt loops needed
  • 1.5" Width
  • Minimalistic look 
  • Reinforced Scuba Webbing to handle the wear and tear of daily use.
  • 2 quick adjustment ladder loop positions for the buckle so you can adjust the tension without having to take the belt off.
  • It comes in three sizes, each universally sized. 
  • X-Large: 46-56 Inches (Pants Size)
  • Large: 36-48 Inches (Pants Size)
  • Regular: 32-42 Inches (Pants Size)
  • Small: 26-34 Inches (Pants Size)

Enhance Your EDC

This enhances your concealed carry experience while still remaining rigid enough to hold any protective items you might carry. I designed this belt around AIWB carry, and it will work with anywhere you prefer to carry. Top-of-the-line materials are used in this belt so that it will stand the test of time. 


Each belt incorporates a rigid reinforced area that is designed for your protective items. This area should be placed where you prefer to carry on your body. The rest of the best is made of high-strength military-grade elastic that hugs your body, allowing for a unique fit, unlike the common stiff EDC belt that digs into your body. The CCC belt is forgiving and will keep you carrying more often!


A bonus is that you do not need belt loops to utilize the functionality of this belt. Whether in athletic shorts or leggings, cinching the belt down and creating more tension from the elastic will keep it on your hips. Simply put the belt around your waist and bring your clothing above the belt.

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